Video recording of the K&R 6th & last session

I could not attend the last session. Is there a recording available to be seen?

If one goes to the following link one can access the talks etc. that the BSWA streams live. Often, even if a talk isn’t on the BSWA youtube channels, if it was streamed live through Livestream, it can be found at the following link:

Workshop 6

Session 1

(It’s says Saturday meditation but that isn’t correct.)

Session 2

Session 3


Dear Alaber,

Just yesterday, Dhammanet uploaded the Workshop 5, 4, 3 sessions held at Sydney. But workshop 5 sessions at Perth hasn’t been uploaded yet.

workshop 5 ( Sydney )

Workshop 4, 3 can be found at their YouTube page.

Dear Kay,

I can’t find any links here. Can you pls recheck ?

I’m not very technical, what I did was copy and paste the urls.

I can see that the livestream page isn’t coming up. Here it is again:

As regards the sessions, from my end, what’s coming up is little videos of them and I actually have to pause them as the sound comes on straight away.

Anyway hope this helps.

Please do say if there are further problems with accessing these…like I said, I’m not terribly technical but others are!

And I forgot to say, thanks for that feedback Shivam. :slight_smile:

Thanks and no problem Kay, it will eventually workout :relaxed: I’ll try again with your above link.

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Many thanks Kay and Shivam for your help. I have just finished watching the last K&R session in Perth.
Now are you able to help me find out about the last session in Sydney (I can find the first five ok) where Stream Entry was discussed.