Vietnamese calligraphy of the Dhammapada, with audio recording

Hello, I just found out a great piece of artwork: calligraphy of the Vietnamese translation of the Dhammapada. You can see and listen to the (Vietnamese) recording here:

All chapters with their timestamp:

  • 01:01 chapter 01
  • 05:30 chapter 02
  • 07:40 chapter 03
  • 10:09 chapter 04
  • 13:50 chapter 05
  • 17:36 chapter 06
  • 21:06 chapter 07
  • 23:41 chapter 08
  • 27:21 chapter 09
  • 30:18 chapter 10
  • 34:10 chapter 11
  • 36:44 chapter 12
  • 39:10 chapter 13
  • 41:38 chapter 14
  • 45:38 chapter 15
  • 48:33 chapter 16
  • 51:22 chapter 17
  • 54:14 chapter 18
  • 58:40 chapter 19
  • 01:01:45 chapter 20
  • 01:05:00 chapter 21
  • 01:08:16 chapter 22
  • 01:11:05 chapter 23
  • 01:13:54 chapter 24
  • 01:18:29 chapter 25
  • 01:23:08 chapter 26
  • 01:31:14 about the author and the work

AFAIK, the author also made a bilingual Vietnamese-English version


The calligraphy is good. Interesting it uses not Chinese but Latin characters:

yes, it’s a particularity of Vietnamese calligraphy, because in the past we used to use Chinese characters, and now when we switched to Latin characters, we also adapted the Chinese calligraphy to Latin chacters

BTW, how do you make youtube link to show image like that?


Also @sabbamitta I’d like to contribute the Vietnamese translation of the Dhammapada to SuttaCentral (surprisingly there is none on SC, and I know at least 5 differents translations).
Note: The translations are available online on the website of Binh Anson, who has contributed the majority of Vietnamese texts on SC. Idk why he didn’t add the Dhammapada
So I logged in to Bilara with my GitHub account, now I’m lost. I only see the works of others on Bilara. How can I browse for texts to add translations? on SC, Bilara or GitHub?
And since it’s not my translation, how do I write the metadata?


When the video is on the screen copy its address from the bar at the top of the page. Then paste the address into the text being written for D&D.

That sounds great! We should perhaps notify Bhante @sujato and @carmi.

You need a project set up for you so that you have writing access. It’s Carmi’s part to do this for you.

You need to make sure there are no hindrances from the side of copyright. If that is okay, Carmi will assist you to enter the necessary translator data into the authors file.

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Normally there’d be none. Almost all Vietnamese translations of Buddhist texts are dedicated to public domain. The translators, usually monks and nuns, sometimes lay people, publish their works in printed books (in many cases free of charge, you’d have to donate to temples/monasteries/pagodas) and also make them freely available online.

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I am not sure if “normally …” is safe enough. Isn’t there a copyright notice with the text or on the website? If not, is there a possibility to contact the translator?

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well it’s a bit difficult to me, I only have access to the online version on the Binh Anson’s website, not the physical version, and I don’t see any copyright notice, nor translators’ contact info. Let’s simplify things, I could only contribute the translation done by bhikku Thich Minh Chau (passed away in 2012), whose works have been published on SC.

I put the link here just in case someone can read Vietnamese, it contains also different translations: Kinh Phap Cu - Index

I could also help to translate the SC interface, so we won’t have any copyright issue with.

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Thanks so much for your offer, and I think this is good enough, Binh is trustworthy.

If you want to contribute, let me know via PM.

That would be fantastic! I would so love to have the whole site in Vietnamese, especially since our Vietnamese community here in Sydney has been so supportive.

@carmi will help you out if you want to pursue this.


Hi @phineas-pta :slight_smile: please let me know if you’d like a SC interface project set up for you. I’ll need to set you up on GitHub.


Hi @carmi yes of course, I’d love to. My GitHub account is the same as on SC Discourse.

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thanks, i managed to do it

Wonderful, thank you @phineas-pta, your github invitation has been sent and project is set up.

When you log into Bilara you’ll see vi > site is bolded, which means you can edit it.

Please have a read through

@sabbamitta can you please add @phineas-pta to

Thank you :pray:


Sure, done! :white_check_mark:


Thank you @carmi and @sabbamitta


You’re most welcome! :pray:

Thank you for sharing it.

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hello again @carmi and @sabbamitta, I completely forgot about the translation of Dhammapada, it should be done with bilara also? (in case you forget, the translation was done by Thich Minh Chau, published on Binh Anson’s website)

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Thanks for remembering, @phineas-pta! :tada: :dolphin: :heart:

@carmi, I don’t see a Vietnamese Dhammapada project set up in Bilara, only a “site” project. (“vi” is Vietnamese, right?)

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