Voice Christmas release v2.6 Claudia 🤶

Tomorrow we are going to release our Voice Christmas update. A bit late, but still …

We have opted for using first names for our releases from now on. This allows us to be more flexible in moving parts of our development process to a later date and address others earlier, according to need.


‘Claudia’ - ho ho ho - :smile: :joy: :grinning:

I hope you had a nice Christmas :pray: And thanks for this :gift:


Dear friends of Voice, we are happy to present the new version of Voice with updated Japanese web interface and updated content. Fitting for a Christmas update, it started snowing here last night :snowman_with_snow:—at least a little, which fits well because this is just a little release. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks to @Kaz, the Japanese web interface has now been updated with description for the new downloader. You can see it at work here while downloading a German Sutta. :smiley: (So far there are no segmented Japanese texts for Voice to use, but that will come … :jp:)

Thanks to Bhante @sujato, you can also listen to the Metta Sutta on Voice now! :heart: (Search for “kp9”)

Apart from that, more German translations have been added, and also many new examples in English and German; a thorough revision of all examples has been done to eliminate some deprecated ones and adjust others that didn’t work as expected.

See release items here.

To get a good start for 2021, you may perhaps want to find a nice Sutta inspiration. Try for example searching for “assess”, and you’ll see both negative and positive aspects of it:

So it is, Ānanda, that feeling is a cause of craving. Craving is a cause of seeking. Seeking is a cause of gaining material possessions. Gaining material possessions is a cause of assessing. Assessing is a cause of desire and lust. Desire and lust is a cause of attachment. Attachment is a cause of possessiveness. Possessiveness is a cause of stinginess. Stinginess is a cause of safeguarding. Owing to safeguarding, many bad, unskillful things come to be: taking up the rod and the sword, quarrels, arguments, and fights, accusations, divisive speech, and lies.

When an astute person doesn’t waver in the face of adversity,
as they’re able to assess what’s beneficial,
their enemies suffer,
seeing that their normal expression doesn’t change.

May you be always able to assess which aspect of assessing fits best in any given situation!

And may you always find the right Sutta to listen to! :blush: :headphones:

The Voice team wishes you a happy, peaceful and insightful New Year 2021!

:sparkler: :sparkles: :tada:


Thank you, Anagarika Sabbamitta and Kaz.
May 2021 find all in good health and peace.


Thank you very mucgh Anagarikā Sabbamitta, Karl and all other contributing people whom I am not aware of. :anjal: :anjal:


[quote=“sabbamitta, post:3, topic:18393”]
May you be always able to assess which aspect of assessing fits best in any given situation!
[/quote] :sparkling_heart:

I wish all of you a peaceful and fruitful new year. :buddha: