Want to start studying Pāḷi this Vassa?

I keep on restarting my Pāḷi study and even tho the first class is finished it seems like there’s another opportunity here that works for Australian as well as American time, and I get the impression I may not be the only D&D member attending.

Stephen is providing an easy way into Bhikkhu Bodhi’s previously recorded lectures at A New Course In Reading Pali: Book + Audio Lessons + Answer Keys : James W. Gair, W. S. Karunatillake : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The Zoom room overfills after 100 and the session is streamed live on YouTube, and uploaded later hereabouts.


Yeah! My time zone too! Thanks for the info, I missed yesterday’s session but will be there Wednesday.
See some of you there :wave:t4:


We’ll be newbies together. I wonder how crowded it will be.


Yay! :slight_smile: Yes, Maybe we will end up on YouTube :face_with_monocle:.
My partner and I have been itching to learn Pali for some time( he is especially) so the timing of this class is very fortunate indeed! I hope they decide put the course online later on.


Hi, please find all information for this class on the monastery’s website,
The youtube livestream recording can be found on the monastery’s youtube channel, bauscym
Thank you.


Great class - I really enjoyed Monday night’s session!

Thank you, @stephen! :pray:


I was in the Zoom session, but spoke to one person who didn’t get in, so it will probably fill up again on Wednesday. But since it is live streamed on YouTube, you can stay up with the class even if you don’t always get into the Zoom session. :+1:


Class One is now available for replay here.

Today I was one of the 333 who overflowed onto YouTube Live

Thank you Stephen. :pray: That was a great class. And thank you especially for the mini-excursions into real Pali texts. This’ll keep the motivation going.


I was on YouTube too, it was a very engaging class.

Thank you Stephen, I enjoyed the slow pace and going through some of the exercises. Glad to see so many people!

Now I have to catch up With the homework :books: :blush:


I’m finding this course to be interesting on so many levels. I love the first lecture especially, as Stephen speaks to the history of the Pali language and its roots. Even just knowing about the language and its place in society helps me understand the suttas more.

In the past I have found the idea of studying Pali terrifying. So much grammar and unfamiliar pronunciation. Stephen makes learning Pali so approachable. It’s a great course! You can find past lectures on YouTube.


Welcome to the forum @cityotter. Isn’t it so much nicer receiving tuition in real time! We hope you’ll find lots to interest you on the Forum, just ask a question and a helpful person is sure to appear. Otherwise try @helpdesk-dd or @moderators. See you in class!


Thank you for sharing this information.


Best quote from today’s lesson:

Learning Pali is not a spectator sport.

Here’s a pronunciation class from Ven Sumitta for those of us who are keen to get off the bleachers between classes:


Thanks for joining the class, I hope you found it useful.
This video looks fun (and very detailed!) Thanks for posting it.
I do think it’s very important to say Pāli out loud. In fact, I think one of the common criticisms leveled at the Pāli discourses, that they are too repetitive and dry, is because they are designed to be recited out loud but all too often read alone silently.
Perhaps I think this because I’m a musician !


Yes, so true! That’s why I love chanting and listening to chants :slight_smile: My main goal for the class right now is to help me understand ( for myself, rather than a translation) the suttas that are chanted. Like the Mangala sutta, Metta sutta and Ratana sutta.


Thank you so much for these lecture series Stephen! I came across this post late today. Today’s Zoom session was already over by then (5:45 AM IST).
Anyway, I finished watching the first video only a few minutes ago. Better late than never, i thought.
Luckily I have the books “Pali Primer” and Key to “Pali Primer” by Lily de Silva with me. My mother gifted them to me about a couple months back after completing her MA in Pali. And I’ve been trying to read and understand it for about a month or so now. :slight_smile:
So i was more than happy when i came across this post today :smiley: (many thanks and much metta, @Gillian !)
Being fluent in Marathi, the ways of pronunciation of the vowels and consonants you covered in the first lecture was very relatable and easy to understand and follow. I am going to complete the 4 lectures on Youtube before coming Monday so as to be able to join the upcoming Zoom session/Youtube live.
Looking forward to the next session.


I’m so glad you are enjoying Pāli.
You may find free downloadable copies of Pāli Primer and the Answer Key in Marathi here:



Get there early if you want to get a seat in the Zoom Room!!!

Oh yes, I once learned some Bengali, and I’d just finished an intro to Phonetics at college. I was overwhelmed with admiration at how the Bengali alphabet was organised. It would have been so good if the Indic way of doing it had moved into Europe! :slight_smile:


Ahah, I love Bengali… i am definitely gonna learn to speak it someday… it is regarded to be one of the sweetest languages here :smiley:

Yes, i will :smile: TYSM

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So happy to hear that the Intro to Pali class is being extended!

I was just getting the hang of the grammar and doing translations and am glad to be able to practice more.:+1:t3:

Thank you @stephen and the BAUS :pray:t3:!