Wanted 🕵️‍♀ : Translator for SC-Voice interface

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Let’s make it sound like bee-cous


Hi there, I am not being able to come back to the file I was working on.
I clicked the link again and it brings me to a file yet untranslated while yesterday I made a few changes in it after forking it.
Can you advise how do I go back to the file I was working on to continue the task?
If you dont know how to do that as well, then please kindly share with me the file in a .TXT format and I will work on it and once done share it back with you.


Yes, Amazon Polly, where we have our voices from, also offers voices in Brazilian Portuguese:



It is possible to change speed or pitch of the voices. Please let us know whether you prefer a female or a male voice, and whether or not it should still be faster / slower / higher pitch / lower pitch.

Both the Brazilian voices are obviously able to pronounce the word with no trouble! :smile:

I am very sorry that you lost all your edits! I don’t know what is going on here.

Hope this will work: (2.8 KB)


Although my preference is for a female voice (Victória), I would like us to use the male one (Ricardo).

The reason for this is that it sounds more natural to me. In terms of speed, could we have it slowed down by a 0.1x factor?



No worries. Anicca… anicca…
See below .js file with text strings translated to Portuguese: (3.1 KB)



Ricardo -10%

Ricardo -20%

You’re already done… :open_mouth:

Thank you so much!


Ricardo -20% is good! :slight_smile:


Please check the interface and Ricardo’s performance in Voice v1.8.5 on our staging server! As always, big THANKS to @karl_lew!! :grin:

Just listening: Ricardo is a beautiful voice, and he will also accommodate for users with high frequency hearing loss. Great!

@Gabriel_L, do you know all the Portuguese translators that are present on SC?


@Gabriel, thank you very much for the quick translations and voice guidance. If past experience serves, there are probably a few horrible mispronunciations awaiting discovery. At your convenience, please listen carefully to Ricardo’s pronunciation of the suttas. Our goal isn’t phonetic perfection, it is semantic comprehension. What we have found is that the AI voices will get most stuff right but do horribly with unanticipated phonetic combinations. To address those will take up time trying out different vowel combinations. It’s very much trial and error. Your own ear will need to be the final arbiter of acceptability. This will be new ground for us all since all the other Voice languages are familiar to us.

In your review, you’ll notice that Voice does not yet support Portuguese word search. Portuguese word search requires Bilara as well as segmented Portuguese translations. We’re not quite there yet, but definitely making progress.

Also note that the review is for legacy text. For efficiency, we should focus on correcting only the pronunciation for words that the SCPortuguese translation team would use for the segmented translations.


This looks amazing!

If you happen to need Romanian for this or anything else, let me know.
I may also be able to get my boyfriend to do Danish, if needed.

Not sure how helpful these languages are, though :frowning:



I’d love to hear that! I’ve actually been to Romania quite many years ago. We traveled with a group of colleagues, one of which had grown up in Romania and took us for a tour of the country. After two weeks of hearing the language, and with a little support from my friend, we were all able to speak some basic sentences, as for example ordering our own breakfast. And I did also learn a birthday song which I still remember (just am not sure about spelling). :grin:

Of course that would be very welcome too. It seems Voice is becoming a haven for smaller languages to dive into the suttas… great!! :dolphin:


I guess you have another Gabriel in mind, probably @Gabriel_L?


Oh yes, you’re right. Thanks for making me aware!


It is a nice place to visit, definitely worth seeing the mountains!
Not the best place to live in, though, part of why I moved to Denmark…

I imagine the song was the “may they live many years” thingy (“Mulți ani trăiască”)
I cringe whenever I think of it, as I imagine many English-speaking folk do with “happy birthday to you” :smiley:

Either way, I’ll take a look at the files during the weekend, and see if I can get my boyfriend on board as well.


:blush: apologies and thank you!


This is your file: sc-voice/ro.ts at master · sc-voice/sc-voice · GitHub
And this is the Danish one: sc-voice/da.ts at master · sc-voice/sc-voice · GitHub


It was “La mulți ani cu sanatate”, maybe with a few more accents here or there. :grin:


Ohh that one! I heard it a lot more on TV than in real life, for some strange reason… Maybe due to religious connotations? (the next line is “may God give you everything you wish for”)

Don’t worry too much about accents, most Romanians don’t bother using them when typing online, often not even in official capacity. Mainly because most fonts don’t have these characters, and Romanian keyboards are rare, we just use English ones.

I mainly typed them to see if the font used here supports them, in case there may be issues on Voice as well.
Though I Roboto is used for most things there, which should be fine with pretty much any characters.


There is also a version that replaces “God” by “life”, that’s the one I learned.

There are ways to type pretty much any character, using a compose key or Unicode characters.


I actually never heard that one… Then again, I’ve been out of the country for 8 years, maybe kids these days are singing new stuff…

Yup, though the problem is, if the font doesn’t have a character, and there is no fallback font, it just displays as a square. I’ve also seen them replaced with random unrelated characters on various websites.
This also goes for Danish characters, I’ve had an online purchase where the address had my town’s ø replaced with a §…

No issues on SuttaCentral, though, neither here, nor in the few Suttas that are translated to Romanian! Someone is doing a great job :slight_smile: