Was Stephen Hawking wrong?

Mr. Hawking thought so, and 25 years after A Brief History of Time was published and five years after his death, there is a new book coming out to correct his earlier work.

[In April] On the Origin of Time: Stephen Hawking’s final theory will be published in the UK. [Author Thomas] Hertog will outline its origins and themes at a Cambridge festival lecture on 31 March.

According to Hertog, the new perspective that he has achieved with Hawking reverses the hierarchy between laws and reality in physics and is “profoundly Darwinian” in spirit. “It leads to a new philosophy of physics that rejects the idea that the universe is a machine governed by unconditional laws with a prior existence, and replaces it with a view of the universe as a kind of self-organising entity in which all sorts of emergent patterns appear, the most general of which we call the laws of physics.

Excerpts from The Guardian.

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The Laws of Physics do change in various places across the Universe where different kinds of activity take place.