We Cannot Ignore Buddhist Extremism—Lions Roar

It seems something wrong to create such terms, Buddhist extremism/nationalism, for any Buddhist traditions and in any areas/countries. But Buddhists do need to know clearly their external enemy (not just internal) for supporting their Buddhist traditions.

Well, this monk is very happy for you, so there’s that.



This resonates. I was a member of Dhammawheel for about a week until I couldn’t handle the right wing politics. I found it truly disturbing.


Sorry to hear about your experience. Rest assured, in the scheme of things they are but a noisy minority.


I have no idea where these communists are. I’ve only met one actual communist in my life, and he was 80 years old, wore a lot of buttons and was completely harmless. Unfortunately, often the far right equates giving people access to affordable healthcare as “communism”. Very few of these folks have the first clue what communism actually is, or can name a true communist country. A lot of it is just political fear mongering.


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Just a gentle reminder.


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Having been a member of the communist party I have met more than one, and no I don’t equate calls for a welfare state with communism.

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Well, DhammaWheel and SuttaCentral have that in common :smile:

Either way, I’m done with this discussion and won’t be responding again. I quit Dhammawheel to get away from these pointless political discussions.

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I didn’t. Read more carefully, and don’t make bad faith arguments.


they say, as they post a video of a nazi sympathizer.


my sincere gratitude to you for representing the triple gem and demonstrating how to not make bad faith arguments

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A wild and enjoyable read.

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I listened to most of that video. Have to admit, I felt sad for those folks. They struck me as the least spiritual, least enlightened, most troubled and troubling seekers I’ve seen in a good while. the “What’s with this climate change nonsense” seemed to come out of nowhere. Thanks for sharing but man, those folks seem majorly F’d up.

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To be honest, I never understood the fascination with JP as a public intellectual. I’m happy I finished up at U of T before he became a newsworthy item and got on the amazon bestseller list.
In comparison, I’d rather see Noam Chomsky get more airtime :wink:.