Weekly QandA and the works of Bhikkhu Cintita

Bhikkhu Cintita has recently begun an online Q and A session in order to discuss his writings and works on the dharma. Meetings occur weekly at 3pm CT on Sundays. Here is the information for the group:

Q&A with BC
via Zoom
Sundays at 3pm
Starts January 2

For students of Bhikkhu Cintita, readers of BC’s books and listeners of BC’s podcasts and all students of Dhamma. We will organize this as we go. Join us.


Bhante also has many excellent well written dhamma resources inlcuding a blog, a podcast, online course materials, and books. All teachings are free to access as a gift of the dhamma.

Personally I find Bhante’s approach to the teachings of the Buddha intelligent, open minded, and kind-hearted so I’d would like to encourage you to spend a few minutes of your time exploring his many wonderful works. I bet it will pay off :).

Message me for the zoom link.