Welcome a new moderator and thank you to two outgoing ones

Hello everyone,

It is my pleasure to welcome to the moderation team @Danny :clap: :anjal:

Iā€™m sure most of you have come across Danny, he is very skilled and even-tempered in his contributions and is a valued member of the forum. He has proven in a very short space of time that he is indeed a perfect fit for the team. :slight_smile:

The team would like to extend a very heart-felt thank you to two outgoing moderators, @Ric and @elisabetta.

I personally have gained so much from learning from them during my first few months as a trainee mod and I am very grateful for all their thoughtful feedback and excellent advice.

We thank them for their contributions and unwavering efforts while they held the moderator shield. :anjal:

Kind regards,
Adrian (on behalf of the moderation team)


Thanks so much to Ric and Elisabetta, and to Danny for joining. Moderation can be a thankless task, so let me give my thanks!