Welcome to the new emojis! 🧎‍♀️🧎‍♂️🩸🪔🛺

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Ok, I realize this probably has nothing to do with EBTs, but I couldn’t resist.

Just today discovered the new oil lamp emoji, aka diya-lamp


Here you can see how it will look in different systems:

Google’s is more decorative than the lamps I’m used to, but it’s not bad.

There’s the kneeling person non-gendered 🧎

And gendered versions:

And again Google is being strange. All other versions could be someone doing something Buddhist on the ground. But Google kind of breaks that.

The drop of blood is not Buddhist 🩸 but if your monastery is promoting blood drives then it could be useful.

And completely not Buddhist but so SE Asian I want to mention the three-wheeler/tuk-tuk 🛺

Doesn’t look like there will be anything in the next round of even remote relation to EBTs. It’s strange to me there is no lotus or water lily emoji. Anyone want to start a campaign?

A stupa emoji could come in handy, but the possibility for misuse is huge.




I know it makes me lily sad too.