Were all murderers victims in past life?

If they were then the act of killing may be justified so I assume the answer is they weren’t, but what else the fruit of killing except being killed ?

Please don’t mention angulimala case he was a serial murderers yes but we should not forget that he was later an arahant so he didn’t get killed due to his past actions

I ask not about arahant but normal people


I realize that in past life they might be the victims because they killed too even in previous life I believe this could be traced back to beginingless time so for infinite time they have been killing each others now we can’t trace the first act due to beginingless time so we can’t trace whether they in beginingless time were victim or instead a killer

I think the only thing to break this killing circle is by being an arahant so they won’t be killed or kill again in the future

I’m reasonably confident that this is an undeclared point that falls under the category of the imponderable “precise workings of kamma and rebirth”.

However, as just lay speculation, given statements like that you were everyone’s mother, father, son, daughter, brother and sister I think it is likely everyone probably did most terrible things in one or more past lives.


Say even if murderers in this life had been wronged in their past life, to murder is to perpetuate the wrong. It binds one to samsara, and the bad part of samsara too. Justified is not a useful concept to be freed from samsara.

It’s encountering good teachings like turn the other cheek, or not to allow ill will to arise even when someone is cutting you from limb to limb, that one gets to learn how to cut off the cycle of violence, revenge etc.

So a Kantian view of it’s always wrong to murder can be applied, and it fits with the law of kamma.

The fruit of killing is to have a short life. Sudden death can happen (not necessary from being killed by another human). One is reborn in hell afterwards (depends on other kamma too, but killing is pretty strong kamma).


Ask what carries over from past life to this life. What causes and conditions come from past lives? So, what is there that would make you think such a thing, the idea of asking the question in the topic, as if it were a possibility?

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According to Paticcasamuppda (Dependent origination), a murderer is not necessarily to be a victim in previous existence to commit wrongdoings under Avijjā (ignorance), upādāna (grasping to hatred) and etc.

If he commits a new karma, he is then destined to suffer its results.

In case of karmic reactions life after life, one can break this killing cycle by cultivating non-hatred (metta).

In Dammapada, it says

"Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world.

By non-hatred alone is hatred appeased.

This is Law Eternal."

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