What a person should do when he has eaten too much?

Hello everyone,

Have you got an idea what a person should do when he has eaten too much ?

Thank you very much !

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Don’t eat too much. The ancients asks us not to waste food but if eating finish all the food in our bowl causes us to have medical issues, we waste more money, energy, time etc to recover from it. We need to use wisdom to take only what we can reasonably finish and be consistent day to day. Moderation in food is also moderation in taking/receiving food.

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You might want to review the guidelines.

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Ok, please forgive me Snowbird.

Let’s say: What a person should do when he has eaten too much ?

This is what King Pasenadi did…

Then, knowing that King Pasenadi was huffing and puffing after eating, on that occasion the Buddha recited this verse:

“When a man is always mindful,
knowing moderation in eating,
his discomfort fades,
and he ages slowly, taking care of his life.”

Now at that time the brahmin student Sudassana was standing behind the king.
Then King Pasenadi addressed him,
“Please, dear Sudassana, memorize this verse in the Buddha’s presence and recite it to me whenever I am presented with a meal.
I’ll set up a regular daily allowance of a hundred dollars for you.”

But we are so much richer than Pasenadi… Siri/Alexa/Google can be ordered to recite the verse for us for free at every mealtime!