What are fortnightly special displays

Not sure how to add a photo but I am reading bhante sujato’s therigatha and in 2.7 mittā it says she kept the eight factored uposatha on 8th, 14th, 15th and “fortnightly special displays”

I have heard some theories on what this might be but would like more insight

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Hi @Sovatthika

I will let more knowledgeable people answer to your main question, but please find here how to upload a photo: by using the “up arrow” button, as showed below.

Hope it helps.

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If we get the help of commentary, it seems mean the days before and after the above mentioned uposatha days. That means, 7th-9th and 13th-16th days where we need to enter and exit from sila-observance.

Pali term is “Patihariya pakkham.”
General meaning of “Patihariya” is “a miracle; an extraordinary event.”
But here commentary says it is to be taken as " Pariharaṇa" which means “keeping on; protection; attention.” or as “pariharitabba” which means “should be kept up; should be protected; should be carried about; should be avoided”.

pāṭihāriyapakkhañcā ti pariharaṇakapakkhañca cātuddasīpañcadasīaṭṭhamīnaṃ yathākkamaṃ ādito antato vā pavesaniggamavasena uposathasīlassa pariharitabbapakkhañca terasīpāṭipadasattamīnavamīsu cāti attho.