What are the Suttas being chanted in this recording?

Hi All,

I downloaded a few @sujato talks and I’m going to memorize the english version of the Metta Sutta listening to this each day. Does anyone know what Suttas are being chanted before the English Metta.


I hear namo tasso bhagavato
Have you looked in the Amaravati chanting books?


It starts out with 3 times “Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa”, usually called the “preliminary homage to the Buddha”. It occurs in the suttas when someone feels faith to the Buddha and, like for example the Brahmin Jāṇussoṇi in MN 27, exclaims this phrase (MN 27 at SC 8.2).

Next come the reflections on the triple gem, Budha, Dhamma, and Saṅgha, starting with "Iti pi so… ", and you find the text at MN 7 (among others) from SC 5.33 on. In this chanting there are still a few extra lines to each reflection which I know from monasteries of the Thai forest tradition; I don’t know if they are also used elsewhere (and I don’t know a sutta reference for them—maybe they are not taken from the suttas).

Then comes the Mettasutta in English.


Oh that’s a good idea! Thank you!