What does the term puja mean?

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Sir, those who follow other paths seek a fee for the teacher.
Ime hi nāma, bhante, aññatitthiyā ācariyassa ācariyadhanaṃ

ācariyadhana: a teacher’s fee

Why shouldn’t I make an offering to Venerable Ānanda?
”Kiṃ panāhaṃ āyasmato ānandassa pūjaṃ na karissāmī”ti. AN11.16

I’m trying to understand the common usage of the term ‘puja’, as its used commonly in Buddhist temples as in puja to the Buddha, and picca mal puja- offerings of a certain type of flower.

Does it refer to an ‘offering to a teacher, for a his or her teaching’ and is there another aspect in brahmanism of an offering to God(s)?