What happened to the dark theme?

All of a sudden it looks like this:

Also, the font is much smaller than it used to be still 5 min ago. Even if I set the size to “largest”, that doesn’t change anything … :thinking:

I mean the font size is the same also with another theme.



Looks fine at my end:

Did you try reseting/clearing the cache?

How does it look like on another browser/device?


If something works normally for me.


Wow, it looks normal on Chrome. Normally I always use it on Firefox, and, yes, an hour or so ago it was still normal here too. Then all of a sudden it changed, without me doing anything. I just clicked on another tab in my browser, and when I came back, this is what I saw.

I tried clearing my cache, it doesn’t help. Logging out and in again also doesn’t help. (Moreover, when logging in again my settings showed again the dark theme, although I had changed it to another one before.)

Hoping it will go back to normal by tomorrow morning …?


You know what did the trick? Switching to a different theme on Firefox. Even after switching back to what I had before, it’s still all looking the way it should now. :white_check_mark:


Firefox 104.0.2
Mint Linux 20.2 Uma
Cinnamon Desktop 5.0.7