What happened to the French SN?

In the French section of our website we quoted a verse from SN 5.8, Sīsūpacālā, and linked to https://suttacentral.net/fr/sn5.8. But this page is no longer accessible now. The only French translation I can find on SC is on an external website: Sisupacala Sutta (SN 5.8), but that is not where we took this verse from.

Anybody knows what happened here?

Thanks for your help!:anjal:

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Friend @sabbamitta , I’m sorry i can’t help with that. But I wanted to check the original sources of some French sutta translations on SC also and couldn’t get through as well. I found this on SC:

Traduction de Christian Maës.
Utilisé avec l’autorisation du traducteur.
Tirée du site Internet: http://majjhima.perso.neuf.fr/.

But the link leads to this:

On an unrelated topic, first, congratulations for the inauguration of the Tilorien monastery! :fireworks::tada:
And nice website!

Secondly, I was wondering if you know if there was any effort made to locate and list translations of suttas or nikayas that were made in French thus far, whether online or free or not.


I’m sorry I can’t answer your question with certainty. But we rarely remove texts, and our Github history does not show any removed texts here. So it seems that this never existed: perhaps the link was broken from the start.

As for the dead links to the Maës translation, if anyone finds where he has moved them to, that would be great.

For an overview of the French translation situation, there is this, alas outdated, page:


Thanks Venerable.

I’m unable to find an alternative website to the Maës MN translations. In my search though I found this website, which provides a list of French translation not listed in the Github source:



It can be found at http://portail-dhamma.com/majjhima-nikaya-le-recueil-median

You may find useful https://dhamma.ru/sadhu/106-french

Thanks so much for that. The process of adding French texts is ongoing, so we will bear this in mind.

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Friend @Nibbanka have you checked the link you provided?! Because it does not seem to include anywhere the text itself of Maës MN translations, it only provides links to the same inaccessible address above! As do many other sources online.

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Bhante, it looks as if I made you work unnecessarily here. My apologies! I should have made my inquiries in a different direction first: It seems that our supporter did the French translation of this verse. Chapeau! :tophat:

So you are probably right that this sutta translation never existed on SC.

I am happy that my post still has a good side effect to make known more of the French resources. :smiley:


Sorry, friend @anon61506839 , I have not thought of checking the texts itself.

They can be found at




with minor differences.