What happened to the new website?


I have been seeing this for months:


It is working here.
Have you tried a hard refresh by pressing Ctrl and F5 at the same time?


i had the same problem with palemoon. the website showed a message that the browser was too old, because palemoon 27 was based on firefox 52.

the website worked with basilisk.


Can you let us know your browser and OS? As Njeul says, it won’t work with older browsers.


Thanks, I never thought the problem related to the browser, because I used the new website with the old chrome quite well a few months ago.


Thank you, bhante.
My browser is Chrome 55.0.2883.87 m, I used the new website with it 3-6 months ago.
I think within this time period I updated the browser once.
My OS is Windows 7 family basic service pack 1.
I try to surf the new SC on IE:

But on chrome, nothing shows up.


Both Chrome and Safari are showing the new SS site on my iPhone 8 Plus, latest Os update.


IE is no longer supported by us.

Chrome is now on version 75, I’d suggest an update. using old browsers, quite apart from the issues with SC, is not recommended as they have security bugs.

Just FYI, supporting different browsers is a major hassle for all web developers. We have spent hundreds of hours on compatibility issues, and that is on top of all the work done in the libraries that we use. And the same is true for every modern website of any complexity. So it is really super-helpful if you use an evergreen browser, i.e. latest model Chrome/Chromium, Firefox, Safari, or some derived browser such as Opera, or soon the new Edge on Windows. These days I personally use Firefox for most things, it’s great!