What happened to the search bar of legacy.suttacentral?

Several days, the search bar of legacy.suttacentral search function has stopped working for several days. Is this deliberate so that we switch to a new site. I’m used to the old site because it’s simpler.

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  1. Go to www.Google.com.
  2. Enter site:legacy.suttacentral.net search term into the search box.
  3. Refine your search .



The following step I have done completely but the result of search still no progress.

  1. I have cleared all time browsing history on google chrome.
  2. I have opened new tab and enter www.google.com.
  3. I have texted legacy.suttacentral.net on search bar.
  4. Then I retyped my keyword : Nibbana.
  5. Search fail :

Search Failed

sabbe sankhara anicca…

Unfortunately while attempting to perform your search the server encountered an error, this condition should be temporary so please try again a few times.

If the problem persists then an error report will be automatically sent to the SuttaCentral developers who will fix the problem promptly.

When I do as Gabriel described, I get 588 hits.

What happens when you click on the link below?


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You’re typing in the search bar of the legacy.suttacentral.net page like this:

Instead people suggest you use Google instead, like this: