What is a group in BiNP8 etc.?

Dear Venerables and Dhamma friends,
I am currently looking at the Bhikkhuni Vinaya Nissagiya Pācittiyas and I was wondering how one would define a ‘group’ within the context of BiNP8?

It is not defined in the vibhanga. Is it just 2 or 3 bhikkhunis (ie less than a minimum size Sangha)? Or is a selection of bhikkhunis within the community, but not the whole Sangha, as in the case of a ‘group meal’?
Ie Nun A, C, D, E but not Nun B and F.
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Ayya, what does this acronym stand for? :confused:

Sorry. Bhikkhuni Nissagiya Pacittaya 8

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From the reading of the context, it seems that the collective or group here means some lay person who as a collective donated a certain item for a specific purpose. That’s why the group is not Sangha or an individual nun.

Examples: A Buddhist society, a shop, a charity organisation etc.

It seems that only if the Bhikkuni uses it in the manner they intended is the item to be given, or else ownership seems to still belong to the group?

That would be my reading of the analysis:

belonging to a group, not to a Sangha, nor to an individual nun

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