What is called Buddhas normal mental state?

The way I understand Buddha’s mental state is neutral.
There are no wholesome or unwholesome thoughts as opposed to Puthujana.
Can we say that he was always in first Jhana in his normal waking hours?

Bhante@Dhammanando What is your opinion on this?
Can I say Buddha always in the first Jhana?


“Ānanda … my back is aching, I will stretch it.”

Thank you.
Then what is the difference between the Buddha in his normal walking hours and a person in first Jhana?
Please apply first Jhana formula to do the comparison.

There is one sutta in which the Buddha describes how he empties his mind when interacting with people. I can’t recollect it at the moment.

What I am trying to understand is the difference in first Jhana and the mental state of the Buddha. If I apply the first Jhana model Buddha is always in first Jhana.
Can I say Buddha do not have the one-pointedness when he is in a normal state?
ie: He got Vitakka, Vicara, and Pithi but the absence of one-pointedness.

If I were to try and explain this using a simile:

Imagine there is a hill with a clearing in the jungle, at its peak. On its peak it has four small trees, called initial thought (vitakka), sustained thought (vicara), rapture (piti) and bliss (sukha) and the bare ground (samadhi) of the peak. This is the first jhana.

A little further down there are many more trees-hundreds. But they are also of the above varieties. Due to the altitude they are also not very frequent. The ground (samadhi) can not be seen well here. This is the state of mind where the five hindrances are suppressed, but not entered jhana yet. This I suspect would be an arahanths normal state of mind.

Even further down the trees are very big and very numerous. There are many different kinds- contemplation, coarse thoughts, intentions, defilements, sankhara etc all exist here. The ground cannot be seen at all (samadhi). This is the normal state of mind of the who hasn’t removed any defilements (including sotapannas).

Hope that makes sense,

with metta

What I am trying to establish is why Buddha or Arahant want to experience Jhana.
Aren’t they already have a pleasant abiding as they are?