What is knowledge and vision?

I just wonder whether the translation of the following is correct.

And what are those things that are better and finer than knowledge and vision?
Katame ca, brāhmaṇa, dhammā ñāṇadassanena uttaritarā ca paṇītatarā ca?

I translate this as:
What knowledge and vision are better and finer than this.

There is a discussion in Dhamma Wheel about this topic asked in a different way.


I like to know Bhante @sujato opinion.

Another reply from Stack Exchange.
To me every thing you ecperience and learn is knowledg and vision but they are not the same as they have diffrent grades. The knowledge and the vision of Nibbana is not the same as the knowledge and vision of first Jhana. But it is still the knowledge and vision.

No SarathW1; your translation is not correct.

When translating Pali it is not sufficient to simply look at the meanings of stem/root forms and guess the syntactic relations between lexical items.

In this case, the phrase contains adjectives of comparative degree (uttaritara- ‘better’, paṇītatara- ‘finer’) and an instrumental of comparison (ñāṇadassanena, ‘than knowledge and vision’).

The meaning must be ‘…better and finer than knowledge and vision’.