What is slow mode?

I’m still learning everything. One of the topics had been put on slow mode and how does it work?

Thank you guys

There should be a message stating what the result of being in slow mode is.

As I recall, it means that you can only post once every 30 minutes. Or some number of minutes.

The software that runs the forum is called Discourse. So google should be able to help.


Thank you for that.

Would that mean it takes in 15 (or 30) mins for a new post to show up?

Or if someone posted a reply at, say, 12:00, no one could reply until 12:15?

Many thanks @Snowbird, that is correct.

Hi @Carlita,

The latter is correct, i.e. users can only post after a certain time has passed. The actual amount of time is customizable.

Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact the @moderators.

With Metta,
On behalf of the moderators.