What is the expected date of completion of proofreading?

I like to know the date we expect to complete the proofreading of BS’s new translation. How do I know whether a particular sutta is proof reading completed?

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Thanks for your interest! The four nikayas have now been fully proofed at least once. We will refresh the online texts to the latest version in the next week or so.

In addition, DN, MN, and significant portions of both SN and AN have been proofed twice. Once the second proofing is complete we will remove the draft notice. This will be in a month or two.


If we still find small mistakes here and there, where is the proper place to feedback it?

Also, I personally use the line-by-line English-Pali format. If at times the Pali doesn’t match the English but rather the line above or below, do you consider that a mistake or just sometimes unavoidable?

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Bhante Sujato already requested that you hold these corrections until he finalise the proofreading.

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I meant after the proofreading. If it should go to the ‘feedback’ section or if we should use a special tag etc.

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Great! Will that include the last set of samyuttas?

Yes, that’s unavoidable. The matching between text and translation should be considered approximate.

I think we’ll set up a thread in the Feedback section.

It will indeed, as well as the whole AN, and the associated Pali texts.