What is the Reference to Pāṇini?

Greetings in Dhamma!
On this website giving access to various Sanskrit dictionaries, I can find a reference to Pāṇini’s classical Dhātupāṭha. It gives the reference in forms of Sūtra number and image of the relevant page. However, being unfamiliar with the Sanskrit grammatical tradition, I nowhere could find out about any bibliographical information concerning the work referenced on the mentioned website. Does anyone here happen to know them? Particularly important for me to know would be: first and last name of the editor, year, number of volumes, and publisher. If someone could point me instead to another modern edition of Pāṇini’s Dhātupāṭha that I could access, I would be grateful for that, too. I need this for an article about the ten bases of merit (dasapuññakiriyavatthūni) or simply merit. Thanks a lot!

That is not an edition of the Dhātupāṭha Of Pāṇini (composed circa 350 BCE) but a commentary thereon composed nearly 17 centuries later called the Mādhavīya Dhātuvṛtti (this particular edition that the sanskritdictionary.com relies on was published in 1964 - and is entirely in Sanskrit in the Devanāgarī script) - so unless you can read Devanāgarī, understand Sanskrit and have also studied the grammatical tradition in considerable depth you wont be able to make sense of what it says. Anyways…

Not sure what you are trying to find in it but here is the dhātupāṭha without the sanskrit commentary (but with english meanings of each dhātu): https://ashtadhyayi.com/dhatu

You can use Sanskrit Conversion: Devanagari > Latin Alphabet • LEXILOGOS to convert between Devanāgarī and Latin script.

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Thank you; I much appreciate the help!

Yah, no doubt, but luckily no need for me to go into the details that much since the focus is primarily on the Pāḷi tradition. I just need to identify and reference three roots in Pāṇini, which should be doable even without years of study. :slight_smile:

A reference to Pāṇini itself would be ideal, for sure. Actually, I am trying to find the roots , puṇ, and pṛ at least in one print edition, either the commentary you provided now or, as mentioned, best directly Pāṇini. I am just trying to avoid referencing secondary literature, where the information about the mentioned roots is provided. Do you have an idea where to find some (recent) edition of Pāṇini?

Thanks for that, too. I normally like to use Aksharamukha for srcipt conversion, but I guess the outcome is the same.

Would this be of any help?

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Try SM Katre’s edition of the Aṣṭādhyāyī published in Roman script which contains the Pāṇinian Dhātupāṭha (ISBN 13 - 9780292703940) - you may find a soft copy on the internet.

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This one, I am using already standardly for the Pāḷi part, but thanks for the referral in any case. What I am still missing, thogh, is a primary source for the Sanskrit roots.

Noted; thanks!