What is Vinnanacayatana "The Base of Infinite Consciousness" in Arupavacara Jhana?

What is Vinnanacayatana “The Base of Infinite Consciousness” in Arupavacara Jhana?
How this relates to Vinnana in Dependent Origination?
Please also consider the Vinnanayatana in 18 Dhatus.


This question is never answered, i saw. I have this question too. I understand one must be in the state to know what it is. So maybe people of the forum cannot answer this question without talking about there own experience, which is against the forum rules.

But, when we approach this question pure theoretically, how can vinnana be infinite? I find this a puzzle. My impression is that vinnana, such as eye-vinnana, are locally produced. Can something like that be infinite too?

Or ‘must’ we see it this way that the base of (for example) eye-vinnana, the mental base, is infinite, always present, all-pervading?