What would a "Starter Pack" for the Early Buddhist Texts contain?

When you follow the suggested links, you are led into a Mahayana tradition, and find a Mahayana teacher.

So what would you wish the Starter Pack consisted of, which was EBT-friendly?


I don’t know what the sutta is or if it actually is one but

‘I teach two things, Suffering and the end of suffering’ sutta

So people know the point of buddhism.


In The Buddha’s Words is usually where I recommend people start for the EBTs

But my “Starter Pack” for Buddhism as a whole is broader:


I agree, I felt I did not know where to start with the Suttas until I read In the Buddha’s Words by Bhikkhu Bodhi. The introductions to each chapter are very helpful In helping one understand the meaning of the suttas and with getting familiar with the language used.


This list by Venerable Sujato contains 20 sutta including a direct link to Suttacentral.net pointing also to the different translations available:


It might be good to start with texts that explain the events leading up to awakening of the Bodhisatta such as Ariyapariesana Sutta and of chief disciples in Upatissa-pasine: Upatissa’s (Sariputta’s) Question.

At this point one can learn how Buddha generally instructs his disciples from ‘Cula-Saccaka Sutta: The Shorter Discourse to Saccaka’.

One can proceed with reading the poems [Gatha] of the elder monks & nuns to get a sense of the general sentiment before proceeding to learning & mastering the Sutta.

As to the training one can start with simple things like ‘Dvedhavitakka Sutta: Two Sorts of Thinking’ and ‘Vitakkasanthana Sutta: The Removal of Distracting Thoughts’

I think that going further is going to be rather advanced.

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So many people recommend that book lol

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