What's in a name?

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I meant to ask - “And who was Galadriel in Santi?”

Should I ask if there was a Celeborn?

I like that bit about her diminishing. Very Third Noble Truth.


I think Bhante already answered that :slight_smile:

She sailed west in the year TA 2510. So if that is the same as Buddhist years, that is 1966 so long before I arrived.
Oops, just realised I talked about Celebrían, Celeborn’s daughter … this is a nun’s monastery remember!
And no, unfortunately Celeborn had left too …

So maybe the monastery should be called Oûtelórien. It actually has a Wallon meaning too. Oûte is the river and lorien literally means “crowned by laurels”, usually meaning something or someone who is magnificent in every way. :grin:


Dear Ayye,
I’m curious if you’ve decided on a name yet. Everyone’s suggestions are interesting. I prefer Sītavana though I quite like Kinnarivana too :innocent:

Regarding lapis lazuli, the eyes of the main Buddha Rupa at Amaravati monastery are made from this stone, maybe other Rupa’s too? That would be a nice connection


I have an idea but still need to discuss it first with Ayya Kathrin.
Will let you know when the time comes :relaxed:


I also really like lapis lazuli, Veḷuriya. @SCMatt offered. The beautiful color and the fact that it’s a precious stone seem most fitting. It’s the color that comes up a lot for me in meditation, so I’m partial to it :slight_smile: I thought, though that the Pali word might be a little more difficult to remember & say than the others.

I didn’t know this

Probably through a word-play with veḷu (bamboo; popular etymology) it is said to have the colour of bamboo

so it’s a nice connection with bamboo too (bamboo similes & symbolic meanings, bamboo grove where the Buddha stayed, etc)