When does the knowledge of Dhamma actually disappear?

From DN 14 Mahāpadānasutta:

In the present fortunate eon, the Buddhas Kakusandha, Koṇāgamana, and Kassapa arose in the world, perfected and fully awakened. And in the present fortunate eon, I have arisen in the world, perfected and fully awakened

So given beings in the Brahma realm live across multiple eons, why can’t beings in the lower deva realms just go up and ask a brahma about Dhamma?Conversely why doesn’t a brahma come down and teach the devas and then devas to humans?

Please let me know if I have any incorrect assumptions here.


It is interesting question, but firstly gods from lower realms may not be able to go and ask Brahma, secondly, on which Sutta you base your assumption that disapearing of Dhamma in human realm implicates that lower gods realms must necessarily also be devoid of ariyas?

It may be so, but is it so certain?

When the Dhamma will be lost, it will be so dark and cold that the Universe will be in a state of sleep, so when causes and conditions Awaken for them to be taught again, from then, the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Brahmas and other Devas will start to preach the Dhamma to them. That is what I gather from Meditation on Maitreya and His Descent from the Tusita Heaven.

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