When teachers get seduced by their power

I’m interested in the power dynamics in spiritual groups or sects and the exploitation of power. And I would love to find a source of a former teacher (or even monastic) who got high on their power and started to exploit the power handed over to them by devotees and followers.

So I’m looking for first person perspectives! (not reports about the abuse of power). I have some vague memory about former Zen or Tibetan teachers who gave some insights about their former life as an authority figure. But I’d be grateful for any source.

Unfortunately personal perspectives on such sensitive topics can be a slippery slope where things can go out of hand, so we would recommend users wishing to contribute to contact the OP via PM.

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A : While we understand your situation, we regret that this forum is not the place to express your angst. Every Teacher and Tradition has their plus and minus points. The approach that is best for one person may feel unduly restrictive to another. If you feel that there was some genuine wrongdoing, you should contact the appropriate authorities. Please do not level unsubstantiated allegations against any Teacher, Monastic or Tradition on this forum.

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