When the flies help your merits

Morning: I opened the window, and then I have my Italian coffee.

Chanting, meditation and then I go to the kitchen downstairs. With my surprise, I now have an army of flies which have been able to sneak in through a tiny hole in the fly screen. The number is unbelievable, around forty or more.

I wait in the hope they will go away.

After a while, it is clear that they are not happy either. They start all to go towards the windows and try to find an exit. Some touch the hot window and fall. That was not good for the fly.

I had only one solution. Get a container and a paper, send matta to the sister and brother flies and one by one capture them and free them outside.

Now you know how difficult it is to catch a fly; indeed, I found the task very challenging.
So I decided to chant my prefer sutta when I have to deal with fellow creatures that I like not to have too close to me—the Protection from snakes. Of course, the flies could not go away without me catching them.

But actually, after the chanting incredibly (or just because my mind was calmer and focused) they stayed on the two window waiting for me to gently scooping them and free them outside one by one.

I go to the Window, capture the fly, walk to the garden’s door, send the fly away with “be happy” and again…again… more than forty times.

While doing this, I wonder why I had to spend time like this when I had other urgent things to attend. I felt my mind falling towards an annoying state. Bloody flies!

Then I saw a fly struggling on the hot window, and I understood: these little fellas -often to our mind very annoying creatures- were helping me to make merit: each time I freed a fly, I saved their little life.

When I thought that, I did not feel annoyed anymore against the flies, and I sent them out to their freedom (and mine from them) not just with “be happy” but also a deep thank.

Even an annoying fly may be there for your benefit! Now…try with mosquitos! :rofl:


Some of the sisters and brothers now free :smile:


I leave some cobwebs in my house so the spiders can make their living. It’s not related to being lazy about cleaning, of course… :yum:


That a nice little story, thanks for sharing. :anjal: