When there is no more doubt

When doubt has been let go of, the doubt in the buddha dhamma and sangha is no more.
But one can still have some doubt about one self(personally doubt) right?


The way I understand there are mundane right view and the supermundane right view.
Sotapanna has the supermundane right view hence he has eradincated the self view. In other words he has seen the dependent origination and the nature of the five aggregate. Then he does not have any doubt towrds the teachig of Buddha
Mundane right view also has faith in Buddha but not eliminated the self view. But he beleives the kamm and Vipaka etc. Generally people take refuge in Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha on faith.

Is doubt fully eliminated only by Arahants?


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Unshakable faith = No doubt

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When the 4th jhana has been reached i think there is no more doubt in any shape or form.

Do you mean the distinction between confidence in the path, and confidence in your ability to pursue it to fruition?

Personally i have no doubt in the Buddha , Dhamma and Sangha , but the ability to gain even deeper wisdom of my own cultivation of the dhamma.

So what exactly are you struggling with?

For some time i have been struggeling with deeper meditation, similar to have reach a platform where there is no new tracks on :slight_smile: I do know the answer to what is needed but still there is more to realise:)

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There may be some useful points in these related discussions :slight_smile:


I can relate to your problem.
I beleive the solution is to practice Noble Eightfold Path (Sila, Samadhi, Panna) in a hider level than what you are practicing now.
For instnce if you practice five precepts move to practice eight precepts.
If you are practicing five precepts examin what level of practice it is, Practicing five precepts in Ariya level is the highest.


Often we reach a deep place in our practice and since it is deeper than we have ever been it’s difficult to see how it can become any deeper. It invariably does, as it’s impossible to know in advance how much further you have to go, short of using the dhamma as a guide. If you think you have attained any worthwhile attainment hold it gently. Keep practicing until it resolves itself.

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@Cultivator, you may be interested in SN22.89 With Khemaka, who struggles with the finer points:

For when it comes to the five grasping aggregates I’m not rid of the conceit ‘I am’. But I don’t regard anything as ‘I am this’.”

Varying your practice a little might help, or perhaps introducing some new elements to keep it fresh?