Where do find: Siddhattha shouted obstacle (rāhula)?

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Can you tell me where to find such information in the suttas:
At the age of 29, Yasodharā gave birth to a son. Upon learning of the son’s birth, Siddhattha shouted, “Obstacle (rāhula) has been born, bondage has been born!” (rāhula-yoto bandhanaṃ yataṃ). When King Suddhodana heard this, he named the child Rāhula. According to later texts, Siddhattha left home on the day the child was born.

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All of this is from the Nidānakathā, the introductory part of the Jātaka Commentary.


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I found this passage in the book which I was looking for, but it would be necessary to find it in Suttacentral so that it could be referenced in the book as well.

If anyone has any idea where this passage is located in Suttacentral he/she is kindly welcome to share.


Suttacentral does not host these texts.
You may have to look at VRI’s full tipitaka with its commentaries.
Maybe venerable @dhammanando could help you pinpoint the Pali passage in there.


Actually I haven’t used that Goenkaite site for years now and don’t even remember it’s URL.

But this is a link to the passage in romanised Pali at the Thai 84000 site. For the Rāhula part scroll down to the paragraph beginning:

Tasmiṃ samaye rāhulamātā puttaṃ vijāyīti sutvā suddhodanamahārājā puttassa me tuṭṭhiṃ nivedethāti sāsanaṃ pahiṇi.


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I had forgotten about 84000.org