Where in the Suttas can I find......?

Where in the Suttas can I find…?
I thought that it might be useful to create this topic for people to post questions regarding where in the Canon or anywhere else did they hear about something about what the Buddha or the monks did. Or what they taught. Or what they experienced. Basically anything that came to mind to which they could not recall what the source of it was in the scriptures if it was even there!
Anyway, I would start by asking this: I recall reading that after enlightenment and before(I think) he met with his former ascetics, the Buddha sat on a hill and meditated so deeply that a storm passed by that he was (or wasn’t) aware of. But that when he arose from his samadhi, the ground beneath the hill was flooded. Does anyone know what sutta this was from? Or did I just imagine this???
Thank you for your help.


Hello. OB2. Possibly this from DN 16 SuttaCentral is the text:

This one time, Pukkusa, I was staying near Ātumā in a threshing-hut. At that time it was raining and pouring, lightning was flashing, and thunder was cracking. And not far from the threshing-hut two farmers who were brothers were killed, as well as four oxen. Then a large crowd came from Ātumā to the place where that happened.

Now at that time I came out of the threshing-hut and was walking mindfully in the open near the door of the hut. Then having left that crowd, a certain person approached me, bowed, and stood to one side. I said to them, ‘Why, friend, has this crowd gathered?’

‘Just now, sir, it was raining and pouring, lightning was flashing, and thunder was cracking. And two farmers who were brothers were killed, as well as four oxen. Then this crowd gathered here. But sir, where were you?’

‘I was right here, friend.’

‘But sir, did you see?’

‘No, friend, I didn’t see anything.’

‘But sir, didn’t you hear a sound?’

‘No, friend, I didn’t hear a sound.’

‘But sir, were you asleep?’

‘No, friend, I wasn’t asleep.’

‘But sir, were you conscious?’

‘Yes, friend.’

‘So, sir, while conscious and awake you neither saw nor heard a sound as it was raining and pouring, lightning was flashing, and thunder was cracking?’

‘Yes, friend.’


You could be thinking of Ud 2.1: Mucalindasutta, at least in regards to the timeline.

Personally I think it is better to have a new thread for each request. Since each request is topically different, that’s usually the way forums go. And some times lively discussions arise from the search.

But if people do make individual posts, try to have a meaningful subject.

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There’s also another account on an unseasonal rain from the early period after the Buddha’s awakening, but after teaching the five ascetics. And it’s not in the Suttas, but in the vinaya:

Kd 1:20.16.1
Soon afterwards an unseasonal storm poured down, producing a great flood. The spot where the Buddha was staying was inundated. The Buddha thought, “Why donʼt I drive back the water on all sides and walk on the dry ground in the middle?” And he did.

Uruvelā Kassapa thought, “I hope the Great Ascetic hasn’t been swept away by the water.” Together with a number of ascetics he went by boat to where the Buddha was staying. He saw that the Buddha had driven back the water on all sides and was walking on dry ground in the middle. And he said to the Buddha, “Is that you, Great Ascetic?”

“It’s me, Kassapa.”

The Buddha rose up into the air and landed in the boat. Uruvelā Kassapa thought, “The Great Ascetic is powerful and mighty, in that he can displace the water. But he’s not a perfected one like me.”


Yes, thank you all for the replies. The first answer was what I was looking for. That is what I remembered from memory but could not think of what book it was that I read it from.
And yes, I think that one question per topic is better otherwise the questions will get lost among all the replies.
Also, I have noticed that in some youtube channels dealing with Buddhism, the comments section may contain questions as to the origins of certain remarks made in those videos. I hope that nobody in this site would complain that if I ever ran into one of those questions that I could then advise them to go to this suttacentral forum.
Again thank you for your replies.


Funny, this Kassapa :grinning: his words made me laugh.

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Read the entire chapter. You’ll laugh even more. :smiley:

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