Where is this sutta reference?

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Does anyone know where this is? I’m pretty sure I read it in the Nikayas. It is probably one of the texts used as the basis of the idea of a ‘merit bank’ which I have found amongst ethnic Buddhists especially.

It is the story of a person (prince/king?) who goes to the Buddha with a report of a repeated (?) nightmare, of people (monsters/ghosts/demons?) moaning and begging for food at his residence. The Buddha advises him that it’s because he didn’t share his own meritorious actions (punya) with relatives (bandhu?) in the past. So, he should do so in the future to avoid this.

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Could be


By the way, the model of a “merit bank” is baked into the suttas. It can be found among Buddhists and is not something unique to “Ethnic” Buddhists.

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That is not it. That is a Burmese commentary or later work, from what I read.
I was asking for a sutta reference.
If you can provide any of that baked in message quotes, that would be great.
Yes, I said ''ethnic Buddhists especially" not “solely”.
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Another one I have is the sutta where a monk is approached by his former wife, who I think, tries to lure him back. He referred to her as ‘sister’ and she nearly fainted. This is for Marcus B. who mentions the use of Dharma Brother in Chinese in an article and that he hadn’t seen the use in an Indian context, from what I remember.

It’s not a Burmese commentary, it’s the ancient Dhp commentary.

You could be thinking of Kp7.

Complicated stories like that aren’t often in the suttas but rather in the commentaries. I don’t think a sutta like that exists, but I’ll happily wait to see if someone comes up with one.

I’m not sure what you mean.

You are probably thinking of MN 82 Raṭṭhapāla

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