Where Olive Trees Weep - documentary

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I just sharing a link to an important new documentary, Where Olive Trees Weep featuring Dr. Gabor Maté & Ashira Darwish. This film explores trauma in Palestine:

I believe this documentary encourages us all to respond more compassionately particularly to survivors of colonialism and violence - to resist the dehumanisation of Palestinian, Arab and Muslim people. By improving our understanding the pain, suffering and trauma of oppressed peoples we can cultivate deep compassion and take a stand against violence.

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Samsara has these issues of destruction and hurt. I believe that with a Buddhist heart we can extend our Metta and Compassion to those Palestinians who are being oppressed by the war machine, as well as to the Israelis. May all heal, may all be well, and may all have the causes and conditions for happiness. May they be immeresed in the Brahmaviharas. I hope one day true healing can happen. Let us have hope.


Thank you for sharing :pray::black_heart::heart::green_heart::white_heart::pray:


Agreed. The trail of injustice and slavery is abstractly abandoned, and no one gets away with saying " I wasn’t born during those times, its the sin of my ancestors". You keep the trail of your ancestors open so you are proof of rebirth of ancestors.

Slavemasters in sheep clothing

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