Where to buy full collection of Buddhist scripture in Pali

Greetings, I have been searching around on the web for a way to buy a complete collection of the Theravada Buddhist scriptures. I have so far not found any way to do this. I think it would be very useful to have a list of where to buy the tipitaka in Pali, so that it is possible for people to know where to purchase this online.

Note that buying the whole tipitaka is not something that would be very feasible for most people, as is explained here: However, it would be very good to at least have a list of where to buy them, so that people who are interested in the different parts, could buy the parts that they want.

If we could make a list of where to buy the different parts and eventually cover the whole tipitaka, that could be helpful for people who are searching for exactly that and end up finding this topic. Is anyone here able to produce such a list?

If the above is impossible, then does anyone know where to buy the sutta pitaka online in Pali? I would like to buy that myself.

Since this is my first post here I would like to say thank you so very much for this webpage. It is amazing that this resource is available and that I can read suttas on my way to my job or on my way home from my job on my phone, when using a book can be difficult. Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Hi Fan, you can buy the whole set of Tipitaka from the Pali Text Society.

It’s £1,490.00 for 56 books.


Do you really want to “buy” it?

You can get the whole Pali text for the Tipitaka on-line, from SuttaCentral, or from
at no cost (albeit for Windows OS environment only).

For considerably less than the 1490 Pound Sterling you could probably get it all to paper.

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It is no different to buying a Buddha’s statue.
Perhaps it is better than buying a Buddha’s statue.
I spent $1200.00 to buy an encyclopedia about thirty years ago.
I read only five pages. But still sitting in my lounge an I still love it.
I love to buy a Tipitaka and keep in my lounge even though I can’t read Pali.


Pali Tripitaka (41 Volumes) published from Nava Nalanda Mahavihara, Nalanda
Print Price: Rs. 14350/-
30% discount: -Rs. 4305/-
Sale Price at NNM counter: Rs. 10,045/-
Packing and Postal charges (within India): Rs. 1,455/

This seems to be a very cost effective.
Is it about 200 British Pounds compares to 1490 BP?

The “dhamma” is different than a statue, and isn’t for selling and buying.

Well. Someone has to pay for the printing and admin cost.

Thanks for the info. I wonder what edition they’re using? My guess would be it’s based on the Buddha Jayanthi in Sinhala script.

In case anyone’s thinking of buying this one, bear in mind that the text is in Devanagiri script.

Who can read that?


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I though only few Indians are Buddhists.

I mean, there’s only a tiny proportion of people anywhere who can read Pali, and of them, an even tinier proportion who still use a printed edition.

But there is a not insignificant percentage of Indians who are either Buddhists or interested in Buddhism; and a few percent of Indians is still many millions of people. Publishing an edition like this, as well as having practical value, is a symbolic gesture, affirming India’s ongoing participation and contribution to the serious study of Buddhism.

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