Where to buy Vimuttimagga in paper version?

As in the title. I’ve been looking for some time for paper copies of Vimuttimagga (English translation), but it seems it’s impossible to get nowadays… do you guys know where I could find one?

Available on Amazon for $45.99

Hmm interesting, I looked there and somehow overlooked this. I saw only the other options for over $130, some $200… Thanks!

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Also available from Pariyatti at a much more reasonable price of $19.95

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If you click on it it’s “Out of Stock” unfortunately.

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I got mine from Amazon. You could try ABE books.


Bhikkhu Nyanatusita recently published his translation of the Vimuttimagga. The book has been published in two volumes and is available here.

The glossaries are available as a pdf at (PDF) Vimuttimagga Glossaries 2021 | Bhikkhu Nyanatusita - Academia.edu

Title: The Path to Freedom Vimuttimagga (Volume I & II)
Author: Bhikkhu N. Nyanatusita
Publisher: Centre of Buddhist Studies, HKU
Language: English
1st Edition, 921 pages+ (Volume I & II)
ISBN: 978-988-16843-0-1
Date of Press: May, 2021
Selling price: HK$540, US$72.5 (excluding postage)



You can get free version hard copy if available from They have many more free books.

I don’t know how it is now in Covid but I got like 5 pieces from them for my foundation. And I some other titles.

Shipping was a bit pricey. I actually ordered this some weeks back (hadn’t even realised the translation was finished up to then). The following was what I was quoted for the total costs (along with shipping). This is for shipping to Ireland, but I imagine it’s the same for everywhere. I went with the “sea mail” option so it’s still on the way (though probably a decent chance I’ll have it before Christmas).

The cost for mail order is US$72.5 (Book price for Path to Freedom)
US$45 (packaging & postage via sea mail, takes around 49-60 days) OR US$68 (packaging & postage via air mail, takes around 7-14 days)
Total is US$117.5 (sea mail) OR US$140.5(air mail)


This is a landmark edition, and one of the great accomplishments of modern scholarship. It’s a must-have for any serious scholar of Theravada. I read it on the plane to Sri Lanka!


Hi. Did you receive the book/s? Any feedback? I take it there are 2 volumes and they are quite large and heavy. Is this right?

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Yes, it came, though for those who want it quickly, perhaps do not choose the “sea mail” option :slight_smile: . I originally ordered it around late October or early November. It eventually arrived around early February (about 3 months).

It comes in two rather solid and well-put-together volumes (I took two images with my phone and have attached to give an idea). Each maybe similar in weight to one of the Wisdom Pali Canon volumes (over 500 pages in the first and around 400 in the second). There’s an intro of over 100 pages and more than 100 pages at the end of the second volume with appendices (including translations of parts found elsewhere; the first appendix is from a Tibetan source). For the scholars, there are plenty of footnotes also (I’d say a third to a half of the main text sections), often focusing on the relevant Pali or Chinese. Those mostly go over my head (I have neither Pali nor Chinese :slight_smile: ).

I was getting to the stage where I wanted to read one or other of the Vimuttimagga or Visuddhimagga (had heard in the past about the ongoing translation of the former) and when I saw this had been finished and released, thought it probably was a good time to get hold of a copy and actually start reading it.

I find it very readable. I haven’t made my way through all of it yet – the past few months have been very busy for me – but hope to get there eventually.


When I started reading it I was vaguely thinking I might do a course on it similar to the one I did on the Visuddhimagga. But as I went on I realized it was so very similar there would be little reason to.

If anyone’s wanting to read one or the other, it really comes down to whether you like things straightforward and are happy with plain doctrine—Vimuttimagga—or if you like the stories and extra background and explanation—Visuddhimagga. The wisdom section has some more substantive differences, but apart from that it’s more about style rather than content.


Does anyone know if this is the same Nyanatusita who was the English editor for the BPS for a number of years? I see him listed as “N Nyanatusita” which could stand for Netherlands. Except in Sinhala it would be “Olande”.

Yes, it is the same. See here his author page on Academia: Bhikkhu Nyanatusita - Academia.edu


Thanks! I was excited to see the PDF download, but it’s only the book cover. :worried:


That’s great! I’m so pleased to see what it looks like. I was studying Pali in Sri Lanka and got to know Bhikkhu Nyanatusita, so he asked me to proof-read it (along with some others). So I’ve read it from cover to cover but never held the finished book in my hands. I hope to some day. I thought the introduction was especially important because it detailed the shared history and overlaps of the Vim and Vism.
Thank you so much for sharing the images and your thoughts!