Whether Sutta Nipata, especially 'SN 3:11 about asita' was said by The Enlightment One-Gotama?

What time the Sutta Nipata was created?

Hi Johan :slight_smile:

It doesn’t look like anyone has replied to this question so I thought I’d try.

I hope you don’t mind if I point out a few things I’ve observerd based on your post.

I’m going to assume that you might be new to the suttas? The reason I say that is because in the title of your post, you are referring to snp3.11. However you used ‘SN’ which is reserved for the Samyutta Nikaya or the ‘Linked’ discourses as Bhante Sujato translates it.

‘Snp’ is the recognised short-hand for the Suttanipata :anjal:

There are a few resources that I thought I’d point out in case you may have missed them.

  1. The reading guides which is a whole category that contains exactly as it says, a reading guide for all the different Nikayas.

  2. If you go to a particular Nikaya in Sutta Central and click on it, there is usually a brief intro which gives some relevant information regarding that Nikaya

Okay onto your actual question. BTW, your title and the actual question in your post are slightly different, related but different.

Not sure if you actually did a search for ‘Snp 3.11’? I typed it in the search and got the following:

Here are those links that I thought were relevant to your question:

The first one is a link to another Forum called Dhamma wheel discussing the Snp 3.11

The other is an essay by none other than Bhante Sujato…jackpot! (it doesn’t get better than that)

I haven’t actually read this essay so I might read it myself.

Anyway, hopefully that was useful :anjal:

A third one, there is a PDF link containing a commentary about the Sutta Nipata which might answer your question “what time” the Sutta Nipata was created AN, SN, Ud, Snp: summary and commentary of various suttas by Scott Foglesong