Which translation is better? SN 45.8

"And what, bhikkhus, is right action? Abstinence from the destruction of life, abstinence from taking what is not given, abstinence from sexual misconduct: this is called right action. " BB

“And what is right action? Avoiding killing living creatures, stealing, and sexual activity. This is called right action.” SB

Katamo ca, bhikkhave, sammākammanto? Yā kho, bhikkhave, pāṇātipātā veramaṇī, adinnādānā veramaṇī, abrahmacariyā veramaṇī— ayaṃ vuccati, bhikkhave, sammākammanto.
Which translation is better?

It seems that abrahmacariyā veramaṇī is translated with significant difference. The pali-english lookup gives “non religious life; complete chastity” and “abstinence” . This compares oddly with adinnādānā
veramaṇī theft abstinence.

The Buddha is speaking to bhikkhus about ariyo aṭṭhaṅgiko maggo the Noble 8 Fold Path.

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Kāmesumicchācārā can be translated to sexual misconduct
But when it comes to abrahmacariyā veramaṇī; abrahmacariyā is different.
Of cause there are other meanings like non religious life, but here it should be something like all kinds of sexual activity.
brahmacariyā - complete chastity


So the simple translation of abrahmacariyā veramaṇī as nonchastity abstinence appears to fit Avoiding nonchastity, and be closer to SB translation.


As long as they live, the perfected ones give up unchastity. They are celibate, set apart, avoiding the common practice of sex.
Yāvajīvaṃ arahanto abrahmacariyaṃ pahāya brahmacārī ārācārī viratā methunā gāmadhammā;


I will observe the sabbath by doing as the perfected ones do in this respect.

You shouldn’t kill living creatures, or steal,
or lie, or drink alcohol.
Be celibate, refraining from sex,
and don’t eat at night, the wrong time.

Not wearing garlands or applying fragrance,
you should sleep on a low bed, or a mat on the ground.
This is the eight-factored sabbath, they say,
explained by the Buddha, who has gone to suffering’s end.

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