Which Viññāṇa enters the womb?

DN.15: If consciousness were not to descend into the mother’s womb, would name-&-form take shape in the womb?”

Which Viññāṇa enters the womb?
Is it cakkhuviññāṇaṃ, sotaviññāṇaṃ, ghānaviññāṇaṃ, jivhāviññāṇaṃ, kāyaviññāṇaṃ, or manoviññāṇaṃ?

That Vinnana which arises dependent on grasping at the aggregates as being ‘Me’… viz a Sankhara based on Ignorance.

There are things that are prone to being fettered. When you concentrate on the gratification provided by these things, consciousness is conceived.

Consciousness is a condition for name and form. …


It is manoviññāṇa that enters the womb.
With Metta

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Why didn’t other viññāṇa enter the womb?:innocent::innocent::innocent:

Sorry for being late to respond. The reason is because the other consciousness do not process sensory data. For example, eye consciousness when it arises in the eye owing to a sight entering its vision path, cannot process the incoming sensory data. Similarly for the ear, nose, tongue and the body consciousness.
Mind produces data for them all in addition to its own data. That is why mind is called the forerunner and chief.
This means that grasping the five aggregates is solely related to mind consciousness, mind and thoughts. So when the death happens mind consciousness enters the womb.
With Metta