Who wants to learn Pali?

That’s the spirit! :pray:
There are recordings of both Ajahn Brahmali and Bhikkhu Bodhi teaching from Warder. @stu’s link that Onze above provided probably has links to both.

I need all the revision I can get. My PhD in Linguistics allows me to understand quite easily, but my aging memory is losing its capacity to retain. I’d be happy to join any group you cobble together.

but you don’t say what time zone you are in? If you click on the calendar icon towards the right of the menu bar above the text box, it will allow you to specify your time zone. It then makes the appropriate conversions for each one of your readers.

These are video recordings of live workshops he gave in Sri Lanka at the end of last year. Somebody else is editing and uploading them. Nevertheless, Bhante @sujato is always very busy (sadhu sadhu sadhu). Hopefully he’ll remember this amazing offer he made us soonish.

EDIT: The following wasn’t showing when I wrote the above. Renders my remarks superfluous.