Who wants to learn Pali?

I’m thinking of doing an online course for learning Pali, especially for those who want to learn to translate.

  • one session per week
  • probably on a week night Sydney time
  • use Warder as text
  • students MUST be dedicated and committed to completing the course
  • students will be assigned substantial homework, memorizing and translating texts
  • if you don’t want to memorize grammatical categories, don’t even think about it

Count me in Bhante!

Can’t be as difficult as trying to learn bash and sed (although I have made some progress this weekend stripping out punctuation from DN)


YES PLEASE! Bhante, that criteria is exactly what I’m looking for. Count me in!


Me! I long for a organized Pali course and drills for a long time. In my experience, majority of the cases, free online Pali tutorials are often fragmented and unorganized, it’s quite hard to stick from the start to finish. And Pali courses by lay professors often cost a lot.


I am interested in joining. I have been studying Pali for a bit now with different resources and this seems to give an interesting additional take.

Are people expected to have already some knowledge of Pali?

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How will students access the text? It’s not readily available here.

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Yes, please! I will commit to this!

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Check out


Browse down to resources…


Bhante, I have been casually studying Pāli for some time and I have been wanting to participate in something like this. You may also count me in the group of those who is interested. I’ll be able to decide if it’s something that I could wholeheartedly commit to once more information on the time-commitment involved and the specific TOD of the classes will take place is announced. Thank you :slight_smile:


I am interested. I find studying on my own difficult. Main consideration will be local time of class.

Thank you!


Greetings Bhante! :pray:

Sadhu Sadhu for the idea and willingness to teach pali! :pray: :slight_smile:

I’m initially interested! :slight_smile: How much time do we have to make final decision? :slight_smile: Also, could you please tell us how many hours per day/week students will approximately need to finish the course and how long it will be? It would be very useful to calculate if we manage to finish the course once we commit, considering other responsibilities/projects we attend to in the meantime.

With Metta :gem: :pray:

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Who wants to learn Pali?
Please, I want to learn Pali :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Yes, I want to learn to translate properly. :pray:

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Thank you Bhante @sujato !! I am certainly interested. I will have to see what the time turns out to be for me on the US east coast.

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Definitely interested!

Thank you so much for this kind offer.

If you could make the course materials and lectures public for those of us who can’t currently join in but would like to do this in the future on our own, that would be great! Thank you!


How long would the course run for Bhante?

Haha you may come to regret those words.

okey dokey.

Is there something i could do to help avoid this?

Hmm. At least a background familiarity would be good. Maybe I’ll put to together some preliminary readings/resources.

Awesome, I forgot about that. Yes, we’ll use this as the basic source. I would recommend that students, if possible, buy a physical copy of Warder. You learn more from paper.

okay great.

Indeed, at some point we’ll have to settle on a time, and in all likelihood, either Europe or the US will have to suffer.

I’ll try to get a more thorough course mapped out this week.

Hmm. Off the top of my head, let’s say 4-8 hours/week of coursework. To ensure that there is steady progress week to week, it will be crucial that everyone complete their coursework.

Excellent, this will be the focus. For a linguist, they want to know the grammar and etymology. These things are important for us, but the aim is to ultimately read a Pali sentence and know what it means, and express it in your language. Grammar and syntax are the foundation for learning, but once mastered, they should live in the background.

Great! Maybe we should do a poll to see where most people live.

The course materials will be the ones on Wisdom and Wonders. As for the lectures, TBH I’m not sure that it’s a good idea. Hopefully it will be more discussion based than lectures. If you want online lecturers, I doubt i can do better than OCBS:

Or the excellent “Learn Pali” series.

Okay, let’s do a survey. I’m in Australia, so those in Oz/Asia should be okay. Let’s see where the focus should be for the rest!

Of the people who have a serious interest in doing this course, who lives in:

  • Americas
  • Europe

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I would like to but am overcommitted at the moment, would have lots of free time in the coming summer.

ETA: I abstained from voting, would be on US Pacific time.


Hmm… I agree about physical books… unfortunately (perhaps for me), Warder is bit of an issue. I may be limited to the PDF.

I have checked a few online sites including Amazon.xxx (that is to say, Amazon in a few different countries), but the physical book isn’t available. I may be able to order from PTS, but I don’t live in a place that has postal service, I can only receive deliveries by couriers (in the country I am currently living in that means Amazon or DHL/FedEx) which (unless it’s Amazon) is prohibitively expensive.

Dear Venerable. I think all of the requirements in your OP should make a difference

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