Why Ajahn Brahm?

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Without taking any sides (if there is any sides to be taken) I was just wondering why I see a lot of criticism of Ajahn Brahm. I’ve actually gotten some good insight from him in the past. So what’s the issue? Something to do with views on Jhana?

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Quite honestly you will find criticism of almost any individual in the world if you look hard enough, even Gandhi did some weird stuff worthy of critique.

I think in spiritual circles there are many nuances, and particular teachers may not appeal to certain individuals in the same way that in primary school we may of had a favorite teacher, but our best friend disliked them or vice versa.

I wouldn’t burden your mind with such concerns, take in what you can, use what you find useful, and go from there.


Where are you seeing this criticism?

Hi JoeL,

Here’s a list of SuttaCentral threads about Jhana collected by Ven Dhammanando that I think are relevant to your questions:


There seem to be many individuals wanting to convince themselves they have attained jhana when they remain thinking & remain cognizant of the physical body. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t want to point any fingers and probably shouldn’t have even posted this. I just find it curious to see monks and lay people criticizing others at all. So I guess I’m just as guilty.because even leaving people nameless I’m still pointing fingers. Wouldn’t want to cause any schisms with in the Sangha so I’m shutting up now.

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