Why are there 2 different "Search" programs under SuttaCentral?

Try to search for any Pali word, e.g. “sampajana”.
When starting the search from
the result is entirely different from searching starting from

Users who only search with just one program (of the two), unaware of the different results, may not find what they are looking for.

Why use two different search programs yielding different results both under SuttaCentral?

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One thing is the discussion forum, another is the early Buddhist texts (EBTs) repository.

If you want to search within SuttaCentral’s Discuss & Discover - i.e. the discussion forum - then you search via the field found at the top right corner of this website.

If you want to search within SuttaCentral itself - i.e. the repository of early buddhist texts - then you search via the search field found in that website.

Does it help?