Wisdom Publications website redesign: impermanence in action

Wisdom Publications has recently done what seems to be a complete redesign of their website. Unfortunately the links to the CreativeCommons material no longer work. It appears that they may be switching to a “Suttas as a Service” model as they are promoting a membership program to get access to books on line.

I’m not sure if all of Bhikkhu Bodhi’s CC translations were already moved to SuttaCentral.

If folks are interested, CC material can be found here:

I have updated this page to have the introduction links take you to pages on archive.org:


Thanks! I also noticed they were gone, but didn’t know what to do about it…



I’d like to encourage folks to send feedback to Wisdom directly about the re-design if they have opinions. Here is the contact link:

Besides the fact that they have removed free content and broken (all?) the links, the design seems to make it harder to get to the books. Hopefully it’s still a work in progress.

EDIT: I was incorrect about the broken links. It seems that the old book page links are working except for In the Buddha’s Words.