Wish me luck in my struggle

So I’m flying from Singapore to Sydney tonight. Per usual, I’ll catch a train back to Harris Park, it’s a nice simple way to get home.

The train of course goes past Olympic stadium, near enough. Which will be busy tonight!

Good news is, the flight arrives a bit earlier than the concert ends, so I should be good.

But now my flight is delayed, so I’ll be there right in the middle of the mayhem.

Pray for me!

Anyway if there are any issues I guess I’ll just have to … shake it off. :man_shrugging:


Here’s hoping you make it back … swiftly.


Not bad too. Let people be exposed to a Buddhist monk.

Maṅgala sutta has it that seeing venerated seekers of the truth is one of the highest blessings.


“Karma is a cat.”-Taylor Swift

“Karma is a cat” lyrical analysis/discussion


All the best Bhante.


May so called ‘karma shield’ protect you Bhante! :smiley:

If you survive, please let us know how it went. :slight_smile:


Thank you Bhante @sujato for taking time off your busy schedule to come here to Singapore, for the wonderful retreat and for creating the opportunity to practice. Wishing you a safe, uneventful train ride back.


Lol, so this article mentions that Anna halafoff is presenting at the swiftposium on this topic. I was literally just messaging her when I saw this.

I guess karma is real!

Meanwhile, status update: 10.55 arrive at central, still on schedule for a swiftvasion as they’re leaving the gig at 11 I think.


Sorry, to clarify, I was messaging Anna not Taylor.


Ok well emergency averted. Pleased to say we have just a modest incursion of swifties on the train. They look happy!

It seems Sydney put on a bunch of special trains and buses, so congrats to Sydney Govt for getting everyone home.

Anyway I’m happy I got to experience a moment in cultural history!


Just sayin’, but I’ll take Peggy Van Zalm’s voice over Taylor’s any day.

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I’m actually so bummed that I missed their talk! :weary:

“Vibing with karma: Buddhist teachings on life and death in Western popular culture” sounds AMAZING.


Not a fair comparison! What is human beauty next to the divine?

I worked with Peggy for years and I think that in that whole time I never heard her sing a bum note, or get the phrasing wrong, or be out of time, or bring less than 100% the right feel to a song.

Ha ha yes, Anna said it was a great experience. (BTWs I was just down in Woolloongong and did a seminar launching Nadine’s new course. She’s doing great—very pregnant!)


That’s so lovely to hear! Glad she’s doing well - I’ll have to send her a message!

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