Wishing all a Healthy, Peaceful, and Happy 2020

I just want to mention briefly my thanks to all of the monastics and lay kalyana mitta here at D&D for a very positive, happy, and valuable experience here in 2019, and (mindful of the challenges going on now, with climate change fires, food insecurity, and war, etc.) wish each and every one of you a healthy, safe,and happy 2020.

“May beings all live happily and safe,
and may their hearts rejoice within themselves.

Whatever there may be with breath of life,
whether they be frail or very strong,
without exception, be they long or short,
or middle-sized, or be big or small,

or dense, or visible or invisible,
or whether they dwell far or they dwell near,
those that are here, those seeking to exist—
may beings all rejoice within themselves.”


May I be well.


Thank you. :pray:
I should like to continue this thread of thanks. :prayer_beads:


May we all see nibbana perfectly in 20/20.


Thank you, Michael. Wishing you a happy, peaceful, and healthy 2020, too.

I didn’t read/see this post until after I posted a similar post. I guess I could have just commented here, but it seems like there’s no such thing as too much gratitude:-)


Thanks, Brooks! It’s a great feeling that so many of us feel this way about SC, and all of our kalyana mitta here. A great feeling, and great way to start a new decade!


Grateful for D&D, for Buddhists everywhere, for human everywhere, for animals and all realms of life everywhere, for parents and families and friends and colleagues and neighbors everywhere. Grateful for translators, teachers, spiritual friends. Grateful for Voice and SuttaCentral.net. May I benefit from these generosities now and going forward. May all benefit from these generosities now and going forward. May we refine our practice going forward, until ultimate extinguishment. :pray: