WOFF and WOFF2 fonts

@sujato In the past you talked about using only WOFF fonts. Also, at the moment there are WOFF2 fonts defined, these currently 404 which is not a good thing, because it means they are requested on every page load (unlike successful requests, failed requests are not cached). Are these WOFF2 fonts on your machine but not been uploaded?

Essentially, how should it be working?

Sorry, i did a quick and dirty implementation.

We should use woff2, then woff as fallback. If needed, we should convert the files to woff2 ourselves and upload them. I didn’t do any converting.

One note, the Noto Myanmar fonts are served by us, rather than from Google fonts, because the ones on Google fonts have glitches.

Also, if you’re working with fonts, please add Noto Naskh Arabic (http://fonts.googleapis.com/earlyaccess/notonaskharabic.css)

Since we are serving fonts from Google Fonts, maybe we should, after all, do it as they are, ie. serving .eot and true type as well? Keep everything consistent?