Woman who ordained because her family ordained

I am searching for a Sutta I vaguely remember which told the story of a woman who only ordained because she wanted to be with her family, who were ordaining en masse. Does anyone remember this one?


I remembered this story…

I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for…

Buddha’s Half-Sister | Beautiful Nanda | Animated Buddhist Stories


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This isn’t a sutta, but rather a story from the Dhammapada Commentary:

The story goes that one day Janapada-Kaḷyānī thought to herself, “My eldest brother has renounced the glory of dominion, has become a monk, and has now become the foremost being in the world, even the Buddha; his son, Rāhula Kumāra, has become a monk; my husband has become a monk; so also has my mother become a nun. Seeing that all these kinsfolk of mine have adopted the religious life, why should I continue any longer to live the house-life? I too will become a nun.” Accordingly she went to the community of nuns and became a nun, not at all because of faith, but solely because of love for her kinsfolk. Because of her wondrous beauty, she became known as Rūpa-Nandā (’Beauty-Nandā’).